Why Do People Read Blogs?

  • Blogs are regularly updated, quickly indexed by search engines, and usually maintained by masters of the particular niche the blog is focused upon. This makes a blog a convenient source of information for readers who want to find out what is happening in a certain domain now, as the best and most recent information is just a Google search and a click away.

  • Blogs represent a sort of citizen media. They might be funded by a company or be the work and sole means of raising revenue for an individual blogger, but they remain far removed from the multi-billion dollar enterprises that are the traditional or mainstream media. When a blog reader has reason to distrust traditional sources of information, blogs fill the gap.

  • When you go to the editorial page of the New York Times you know what you’re getting. The same applies to MSNBC, and politically inversely for Fox News. The blogosphere, on the other hand, has a variety of opinion and viewpoints that the mainstream and traditional media could never offer. If you want one opinion, read the Times; if you want every opinion, read blogs.