Adding AI in Recruiting

When it comes to job applications, you are not alone—there are approximately 52 more people for the same job position. Recruitment is the corporate-world manifestation of the phrase “finding a needle in the haystack.” The shortage of talent, the demand for staff in certain niche industries, economic and budget fluctuations impact the recruitment process.

With hundreds and thousands of applicants rushing for the one job position as soon as it crops up, the recruitment process becomes unmanageable. This is when Artificial Intelligence comes in handy. AI-based recruitment involves efficient execution of tasks through automated and well-programmed software.

These intelligent software packages help in effective decision-making, visual and vocal recognition, and accurate translation. With the installation of AI in recruitment, the recruiters can save up to 14 hours of the average amount of time lost to manual working. Incorporating AI in every level of recruitment can help you attract and hire the right applicant. But’s there’s more to it:

The challenge of time-saving

Finding the right talent and acquiring them is a double-edged sword. While you need to find the right candidate, you also want the position to be filled as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Leveraging AI benefits could help you reduce the time spent on leafing through the mountain of resumes.

The AI-powered procedure not only speeds up the process of screening the resume it also ensures the selection of better-quality candidates. AI can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow process with the current recruiting stack to offer faster and disruption-less automation.

The challenge of quality

The quality of hired candidates is the key performance indicator to judge recruiters' ability and recruiting procedure. The benefit of AI to improve the quality of hiring is related to data standardization.

AI employs standardized data of job requirements and matches it with the applicant's experience, skills, and qualifications. The improved job matching procedure also helps in employee retention and results in satisfied, more productive, and happier company staff.

The challenge of human biases

In all honesty, the human-based recruitment process is not free from biases, whether conscious or unconscious. However, AI can help reduce the unconscious bias related to a candidate’s age, caste, ethnicity, and gender.

The primary function of any AI procedure revolves around sampling patterns. It means that any conscious bias that is in your recruitment process can be learned and adapted by the AI-powered recruitment process. To avoid biased hiring, make sure to remove the apparent patterns that indicate any potential bias.

AI- the harbinger of recruitment revolution

With AI changing every industry and possibly every life aspect, it is bound to bring some tremendous trends and changes in recruitment. Whether you like the potentials of AI or not, the tiresome recruitment process has necessitated AI.

Many organizations have the undue fear of human replacement; AI helps free up recruiters' crucial time. If you are struggling with the AI revolution of your recruitment process, our professionals will help you get the right software packages for automation. Visit our website to know more about recruitment solutions.

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