Resume Mistakes Add Up

It’s The Small Resume Mistakes that Keep You from Getting the Job Your resume is your key to succeeding, it’s your business card if you will and answers the question “why me?” yet you keep getting turned down for that next conversation, interview or screening call. So, how do you avoid them so that you… Continue reading Resume Mistakes Add Up

Retain Your Workforce

Looking for ways you can keep your employees engaged and retained at all times? Here, we will discuss 5 tips through which you can engage and retain your workforce.

Entry Level Jobs

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an established professional looking to switch careers, an entry-level job presents a foot in the door at a new company.

Temporary Vs. Permanent IT Jobs – Which is Better?

Temporary Vs. Permanent IT Jobs – Which is Better? Overtime staffing requirements change with changes in the labor market, economic conditions and more. In terms of economic uncertainty, employers tend to hire more temporary workers to maintain a flexible company structure. However, that is not the only reason for the rise in the availability of temporary… Continue reading Temporary Vs. Permanent IT Jobs – Which is Better?

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Local And Long Distance Recruitment

LOCAL AND LONG-DISTANCE RECRUITMENT – THE IDEAL APPROACH FOR PROLIFIC HIRING Smart business owners make it a priority to hire the best possible candidates to strengthen their workforce. Be it long-distance recruitment or local hiring, many organizations go to immense lengths to get their teams’ right candidate. But the real question is which kind of… Continue reading Local And Long Distance Recruitment

Why Working With A Staffing Agency Is a Good Idea!

Why Can Agencies Find Better Candidates? As we move towards a candidate-driven job market, acquiring the right candidates can be a harrowing experience. Enterprises tend to lose the battle when recruiting candidates who can take the long haul for them. So, in these hectic times, enterprises turn towards recruitment agencies to help them. If you’re… Continue reading Why Working With A Staffing Agency Is a Good Idea!

What Makes A Good Staffing Agency

What Makes A Good Staffing Agency – Job Seekers Perspective As we deal with the employment hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize the importance of the right staffing agency. Forget about finding a good career at the right company; people have found it hard to find average employment opportunities. But with great power… Continue reading What Makes A Good Staffing Agency


Handling Counter-Offers You sorted out your resume, went through the exhausting interview phase, and got the offer for your dream position, and that too, with a stunning salary. Now all that’s left is to resign from the company and join the new hirers. Simple, right? Just when you think that your troubles are all over,… Continue reading Counter-Offers

Finding Competent Workers

Finding Competent & Loyal Employees A company owner can’t grow a successful business singlehandedly. A few have tried, but none succeeded. Every business owner and entrepreneur built a successful business empire with competent and loyal employees by their side. Accomplishing the entrepreneurial dream is all about establishing a team of competent and loyal employees. Considering… Continue reading Finding Competent Workers

Is the Cover Letter Dead?

Is The Cover Letter Dead?     Cover letters are on the decline, as the rise in social media and other platforms has experts who believe that it might be obsolete in a few short years. The use of LinkedIn and other social platforms has given recruiters better insight into candidates applying for positions. According… Continue reading Is the Cover Letter Dead?