Convincing Your Employer to let you Continue Working Remotely

With the idea of remote working gaining popularity due to the Covid-19, more people have adapted to the phenomenon. They say that it has increased their satisfaction, productivity along with saving time and money in commutation. However, with everything that comes to an end, employers have decided to end remote working for their employees.

If you have to commute to the office every day but would like to work in a preferred location, you have to convince your employer to give you this permission. You need to have some solid arguments and evidence for increasing your chances of securing a regular remote working schedule.

Convincing Points to Give Your Employer

·       Reflecting on the Motivations

Before you approach your employer with the subject, be clear on your motivation to continue working remotely. Perhaps your motivation has a purely professional factor, or you have time and space to concentrate without any distraction. Everyone has their motivation to work remotely or prefer office space for working, and you need to present yours clearly.

Sometimes the feelings to work remotely will be personal such as fulfilling responsibilities at home without disrupting office work. Whatever your moves are, you have to present your case clearly and openly.

·       Devise a Plan

It would help if you considered the realistic remote working schedule to present your employer, whether you want alternate days or every Friday. Whichever schedule you have in mind, take your employer's concerns in mind and think of ways to preempt those points. You have to ensure your availability even if you work remotely regarding any office meeting or anything else. You have to convince your employer with a promise of availability whenever you are not at the office.

·       Present the Case

After careful consideration of your motives and the schedule you have in mind, the next step is to present your case to your boss. You have to explain what you think, why you think, and how it could benefit the company. Use a few empirical pieces of evidence but do not overwhelm them with statistics or researches. You have to make your point short, concise, and clear to make the understandability better. You need to show why the prospect will improve productivity and emphasize n the positivity it could have on the overall productivity. This is the point that is most crucial for everyone. Many managers believe that remote working is cost-effective and motivating, and a clear case will easily convince them of the benefits for the future.

·       Give Your Employer Some Time

Employers will not immediately listen to your proposal and permit you. Give them time to think about the pros and cons as they understand company dynamics better. They might give you permission with some changes that will satisfy you as well as fulfilling their concerns. Remain flexible in your proposal and be ready to answer when your employer calls.

Final Word

The concept of remote working has offered numerous benefits to employers, and they might be convinced to let you continue. However, some do not feel remote working as beneficial and will not consider your proposals at all. Think about every pros and cons before presenting your case to get your employer to think about your proposal. Who knows, they might give you permission to continue working remotely and benefit the company further.

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