Thank you for participating in this survey.  This survey is intended for employees and is 100% anonymous. Your participation in this survey is voluntary, and you can stop at any time during the survey. The answers you provide will be confidential.

Remote Worker Survey - Employee 1

April 13, 2021

This survey is 100% confidential.  No personal information is gathered from those who respond.

1. Are you currently remote?Do you work remote currently? (on a permanent basis)
2. Comfortable Returning?Are you comfortable returning to your worksite (whether it's an office, production factory or client location(s).
3. Public TransportationAre you concerned about utilizing public transit (bus, commuter train, etc.) to work each day?

Note:  If you do not utilize public transit to commute to work, answer "NA" or Not Applicable"
4. Remote PreferenceIf you were offered the choice, would you work remotely or within an office environment?
5. Work-Life BalanceDo you believe working remotely provides a better work-life balance?
6. Work-Life Balance IIIs it easy to “turn off work mode” at the end of the day?  Can you walk away?
7. Will You ReturnIf your current employer were to require everyone return to their office will you return (and seek another fully remote role) or simply continue working within an office environment?