How A Small Business Can Attract The Best IT Talent

Job seekers in the IT industry are always looking at the big ‘tech giants’ whether they are programmers, data engineers or system admins, the attractiveness is sometimes only down to how famous they are though. 

As a small business you might think you are not on the cards for these top professionals applying to the big companies, that's where you’re wrong. The best IT talent is always on the lookout for where they can apply their niche skill set that they’ve built up, they aren't looking for another general position or the highest salary necessarily. 

They know what they’re good and know what they want. That's where you can attract the best IT talent, by honing in on what they are looking for. A small business can be just as attractive as a large company with a few simple tricks. 

Niche down Job Positions 

The best IT talent already has many professional years under their belt, nearly all specialize in very specific aspects of their work and that’s where you should focus. ‘IT Specialist’ you’re casting a big net and the best IT talent will skip the position if they think it’s a general position. 

Narrow down, outline frameworks, specify technology, software used etc. This grabs their attention; they are now more focused that they might be a perfect fit as you have listed their specialized skills. 

Provide Opportunities 

Stating that there are clear career paths within the company adds more incentive and shows that you are actively making sure your employees are in the best position. This research showed that 59% joined because of a better career path and 45% left because of the lack of opportunities. 

If you can offer extra training or certs this too can add value to a position. Companies can pay decent money but it's not always about salary, IT professionals are looking to add value to themselves not just their wallets. 

Flexible Work Schedules 

Remote work and positions have been forced upon people recently, especially in the IT industry and some love it! If you can offer flexible hours, days or even remote working it can be a key decision point for some of the best IT talent. They know what they are doing, don’t need monitoring and are prepared to deliver given the right conditions. 

Invest in Your Small Business  

The best IT talent loves the best IT equipment. You don’t have to always be purchasing the latest cutting-edge technology, but ensuring your business is utilizing modern tech can help attract the best talent. Using the right technology can pique interest in a company and can be a major factor when looking at your business. 

Best IT Talent Recruitment Process 

Keep it short and sweet, don’t delay on making a decision. The best IT talent is going to be an attractive asset to many, keep your schedule clear for the interviews and keep the process short. They are already well established and don’t need to wait around; you want the best IT talent and making their life easier to apply can be a good way to attract them. If you want to know more about how you can attract the best IT talent, contact New England Staffing. We can help ensure you secure the best talent possible today.

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