How Can The Latest Recruitment Technological Tends Help Organizations?

In today’s business world, recruitment has become more candidate-driven. Employers are in a constant battle to attract top talent in a pool of talented individuals. On the other hand, applicants are driving towards a more goal-oriented approach, in which they don’t settle for anything less.

With the concept of remote working taking the world by storm, organizations are not hesitant to use state-of-the-art recruitment technologies for hiring purposes. And with the rapid rise of AI and social media, the new approach is well underway. Here, we present to you some latest recruitment technological implementations that significantly hype up your recruitment process.

Video and mobile interviews

We witnessed during the pandemic that important meetings can be conducted without any hassle. So, why not recruitment? Whether you’re just a startup looking for founding members or an enterprise looking to expand, teleconferencing can be an excellent method for your recruitment exercise. According to a survey, around 60% of the organizations are opting for video interviews. So, it’s high time that everyone jumps the bandwagon.

The concept of an Applicant Tracking System

One of the most outstanding pieces of technology is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Simply put, an ATS is a digital repository, which allowed HR professionals to replace old-school applications. The system narrows down applications so that the recruitment professionals can focus on other essential procedures, like reviewing the filtered applicants.

Employer branding videos

Employer branding videos are a great way to attract potential candidates to an organization. In other words, it’s similar to what brands do to attract customers. This time, you’re marketing your firm to increase the response rate. Corporate videos uploaded on a company’s website enable applicants to learn more about the company and drive them to apply.

Data-centric research

Lastly, it’s high time that organizations adopt a data-centric approach to acquire the best candidates in the market. However, remember data can be used in different manners. From selecting the “best in class” through a pool of candidates to extracting the latest trends for recruiting employees. This way, they can target the right candidate most of the time.

Social Media Channels

Undeniably, the most effective and the most-used channel for recruiting employees these days is via social media. In fact, you’d be surprised that most people opt to search for jobs on social media platforms. And the best part is that social media is the cheapest way to attract candidates. However, keep in mind that you must know the right tactics and tools to make your social media recruitment into a success.

Wrapping it Up

The battle to attract the top performers in the corporate world is becoming tougher day by day. In fact, you’ll find that organizations have now become bold enough to recruit candidates from outside their location. So, whether you’re a small-scale organization or have a significant name on the market, you need to step up – big time.


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