Staffing Agencies Can Save You Money!

One of the most common misnomers of working with staffing agencies is that they are too expensive.  While there are certain times when it makes sense to hire someone directly, there are many more times and reasons to utilize a firm.  This article will give just a few examples.

Hire Faster

Granted, you can post a job in a newspaper or pay to post your position on a job board.  You will surely get plenty of applicants but in most cases, they are candidates that are long-term unemployed or totally unqualified (and I’m speaking from years of experience!).  Do you take the time out of your busy day and away from your regular work to sort through resumes, sometimes hundreds of resumes hoping to find the right one?  The phrase “there isn’t enough time in the day” is quite apparent.

Staffing agencies offer a long and deep network of professionals and the tools to research, source, screen and present the right candidate the first time.  This is a very time consuming and labor-intensive process and what agencies are experts at.

Decrease turnover costs

There is always a high risk of bring in new employees, especially one that could potentially slow down an already overworked team or create social or professional problems within the workplace.  The last thing you need a new employee to do is “rock the boat” or “make waves”.

Part of what a good staffing agency such as New England Staffing does is spend time getting to know our clients.  By doing this we get a deeper understanding of the cultural and work environment of our clients and prospective clients.  This help us better screen those “wave makers” and “boat rockers” before they step foot in your organization.

Reduce Overtime

Staffing firms such as New England Staffing help save money during busy times such as tax season, IT upgrades or simply seasonal demands.  We have a very diverse pool of qualified candidates who possess the skills you require to fill the gaps.  With the addition of these temporary staff you drastically reduce overtime and avoid overwork of your full-time staff.


Ask yourself these questions the next time you have a potential business surge.  What is your time worth?  Who will do your work while you are screening hundreds of candidates?

At the end of the day staffing firms are here to help you be as flexible as you and your company need to be.

About the author

Chris Connolly is the Owner and General Manager of New England Staffing.  With over 40 years of combined staffing and IT experience he is considered experts in our field.

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