How To Make Your Team More Creative

Creativity is more than just a buzzword. It can help your team meet (and even exceed) your organization's goals and take your business to new heights. As an employer, there are a variety of ways you can spark creativity in your team and promote an environment that values out-of-the-box thinking. Here are several ways you can spark creativity in your team.

Reward Employees Who Unleash Their Inner Creativity

When you see that employees are truly making an effort to be creative, reward them with praise, prizes, or monetary incentives. This way, they'll be encouraged to think creatively and more likely to come up with ideas or design solutions to problems that revolutionize the way your organization operates.

Create a Challenge

One of the best ways to spark creativity in your team is to create a challenge for them. Hold a meeting and thoroughly explain the challenge. Then, tell them they have until X date to come up with a creative solution. You'll find that this is far more effective than simply saying things like "be creative" or "think outside of the box." It's a good idea to create one of these challenges every quarter or so.

Avoid Micromanagement

Trusting your employees to do a good job by not micromanaging them is important. Think about it. If you look over their shoulder every minute, they may be afraid to think creatively and take risks. Give them the freedom to take control of their workdays. Of course, you should check in with them periodically to make sure they're on track for success.

Be Supportive

Your support as a leader is imperative to fostering a creative culture. When someone's idea doesn't work or go as planned, tell them it's okay and thank them for trying. A gentle, supportive leader can motivate them to continue to try to think creatively. Remember that many employees are fearful of making mistakes that cost them their jobs so your support is truly invaluable.

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