How To Master A Phone Interview

Congratulations! You’ve applied for a job in another town, or better yet, another state, and you’ve landed that first interview.  That’s the good news. The bad news is that first round of interviews is going to take place on the phone.

So, how do you make sure that phone interview is successful?

Don’t “phone it in”

Treat the phone interview just as seriously as you would a face-to-face interview. This is just as formal a process as a traditional face to face interview! Preparation is the absolute key. Thanks to the internet there are large amounts of information available on companies from their own website to public sights such as LinkedIn®, Glassdoor®, and others. Do your research! LinkedIn® is an invaluable tool to review the profile of the person you’re speaking with. Get to know what they do, where they’ve worked, and mutual connections that you may have.

Who are you?

It’s almost a certainty that you will be reviewing your resume — make sure you have it in front of you, as well as other supporting documentation including cover letters, a copy of YOUR LinkedIn® profile, etc.

Do your homework

Make a cheat sheet and write down a few key notes about the most critical points you want to make with your interviewer(s). What specific skills do you think are critical for the role? How do these skills make you different from the other applicants? Make a note of skills and experiences you want to emphasize. Do you have certain interests or passions in common with the person you are interviewing with? Make sure these are all part of your cheat sheet and are discussed during the call.

This is no time for dropped calls

This isn’t the time to use a cell phone that cuts in and out, or a cheaply made phone that makes it difficult for you and your interviewer(s) to hear
and understand each other. If you must use a cell phone it’s critical that
you’re in a quiet space and have perfect reception! There is nothing worse than a call with poor sound quality.  That alone can be a deal breaker in the eyes of the interviewer.

Don’t forget about your appearance

This may sound counter intuitive. After all, the interview can’t see you, but remember, this needs to be treated as seriously as a face-to-face interview, and hopefully you would pay attention to your appearance for that!

Posture is key

Ever wonder why singers always stand up when they sing (and why you should stand up?) Your voice projects better! Your phone interview should be conducted either standing or at the very least, sitting up straight.
By following these “simple” rules, you will greatly enhance your chances of a successful phone interview and will be invited for additional rounds.

Best of luck in your job search — and your upcoming phone interviews!

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