Is Your Boss Invested In You?

As an employee, it is crucial to have a boss that’s invested in you. When you initially land a job, take time to closely watch your boss and get to know how they operate throughout the business day. This includes their moods, their preferred communication and their leadership style.

You may notice your boss likes to begin each day with a fresh cup of coffee and muffin. If this is when they seem to be the most alert and open, schedule meetings with them and ask questions during the morning if possible.

Keep in mind the way your boss communicates is also impacted by their mood. If they are crazy busy and seem stressed one day, don’t walk up to them and ask them a question that requires a great deal of thought or a long explanation. Instead, schedule a meeting with them through an email or phone call to show you respect their time.

You should also figure out the type of leader your boss is. If they are autocratic leader, they assume complete decision making and do not ask for input from others. However, if they are a participative leader, they value the opinions of others but will ultimately have the final say.

By understand how your boss operates, you can develop a healthy relationship with them. Since a healthy boss-employee relationship plays a vital role in company success, the importance of having a boss you know well, as well as one who respects you and motivates you should not be overlooked.

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