How to Write a Technical Job Description That Gets You Results

How to Write a Technical Job Description That Gets You Results

As an employer, your goal is to get the right candidates in the door. That can be an especially challenging task when hiring technical talent. Not only do you need to attract people with the right technical skills, but also the soft skills that ensure a good fit.

One of the key steps in the process is to write a great job description that you can post on job boards, social media, internal emails, and other outlets. Below are some tips that will help you do just that.

Choose the Right Title

Sometimes, employers make the mistake of choosing a job title that is vague or uses uncommon words. To attract the ideal candidates, select a job title that is easily searchable and clearly conveys what the position may entail. It's a good idea to browse similar job postings to help-but look for ways to make your job title more attractive.

Write an Exciting Job Summary

The job summary is your chance to share the value proposition of your company. Before writing the job summary, ask yourself what you'd want to read if you were an IT professional interested in this type of position. Include what your company does and what makes it so special. Focus on the key benefits your company offers. For example, do you provide flexible work schedules, the ability to work remote, cutting edge technology, free time to explore passion projects, or other perks? These are the things that can set your job post apart from all the others and attract top-tier talent.

Include Job Responsibilities

The list of job responsibilities in your description should give the job seeker a feel for what they can expect if they were to work in this position. Keep the responsibilities high-level as too many details may confuse them and turn them away. Also, don't include everything under the sun as "required" skills. Think about only the job critical skills here and don't scare away potentially great candidates.

Show Off Benefits

Many job seekers skip right to the benefits of a job description before deciding whether or not to apply. For this reason, you should paint the benefits in a positive light. "401k with company match," "unlimited PTO," "health, dental, and vision insurance," and "tuition reimbursement" are all phrases that may catch their attention.

Ensure an Easy Application Process

Make it easy for a job seeker to apply for a job. If they have to jump through hoops to apply, they may get frustrated and decide not to. They should have no problem submitting their resume and cover letter and be able to apply fairly quickly.

Contact New England Staffing

If you'd like more tips on how to write a compelling job description that allows you to meet your recruiting goals, don't hesitate to contact New England Staffing. As specialists in IT recruitment, and IT professionals ourselves, we understand what motivates and interests technical talent. We would love to help you source your next IT superstar.

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