Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Job Hunting in the Digital Age


The job hunt struggle is not new for most of us and especially if you are a recent college graduate. The process of the job application is nothing like before. Gone are the days of visiting offices to submit the paper resume. The entire job application process has been digitized, turning the paper resume into the relic of the non-digital era.

One thing is for sure; technology has made it easier for employers to access the pool of fresh talent and keen candidates. However, it means that you are no longer competing with the local job applicants and talent, rather the global contenders for that one job position. The beneficial introduction of remote work fortified the unimportance of geographical demographic for work, making the competition for job selection even tougher. Even though most businesses still function on the manual process of the job application, sophisticated technology is becoming commonplace in many organizations. Here’s how you can get the attention of the right employer to get yourself the call for an interview:

  1. Keyword integration

On the other hand, an online job application feels like dumping your resume in the abyss with mountains of applications. The keywords used in the resume are related and relevant to the applied position and delineate the experience, skills, and qualifications. Employers sift through the digital mountain of resumes, so make sure to align the transferable skills and qualifications with the job description and required skills. However, that doesn’t mean rephrasing the job description or be untruthful in your application.

  1. Be current and up-to-date

Your online persona is an impression-maker. Make sure to keep the online profiles on social media sites and networking channels updated and engaging. Most employers keep the resume of potential candidates who might have been rejected for a specific job role but look suitable for another role. Such employers analyze the online profiles for recent updates. Whether you have learned a particular skill or added another qualification to your list, keep your details updated and well-structured.

  1. Be prepared to be on camera

Online interviews are no new concept for most employers and have been practiced even before the pandemic. Many employers prefer to conduct an online interview to get to know the candidate before scheduling their office-based interview and test. Such interviews are conducted through the online video-calling application of Zoom and Skype. At times, employers keep track of candidate’s performance while working on the assigned task. Recording the candidate’s test helps the employer understand and analyze the professional traits.

  1. Know your connections

The biggest blunder that many job seekers do is the instant submission of a resume and cover letter without giving any second thought. Before you apply, ask yourself the question that whether your social capital can help you get in the first round of interviews or not. Leverage the power of social connections and find someone in the company who can advocate on your behalf and refer you for the job vacancy.

Job seekers go through a plethora of challenges and unsuccessful interviews before they find the right job. However, with the right professional help, you can power through most of these difficulties and challenges. Visit our website and let our professionals guide you.


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