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Contract staffing is a hiring arrangement where individuals are hired only on terms specifically set out in a contract. It usually refers to a fixed-term or project-based, rather than permanent, hiring arrangement. In many cases, it is arranged by a third party staffing agency.  

Contract to hire is a short-term job that allows both parties to try out a role before committing to full-time employment. Also known as "temp to hire," contract to hire agreements typically set out the length of time the contractor will work for the employer.

Direct hires are among the most desirable types of positions. That's because you'll be working directly for your employer in a full-time permanent capacity with employee benefits. These benefits may include health insurance, paid leave, investment and retirement options, and wellness benefits. 




Direct-hire positions can be harder to find than other types of work, including part-time or temporary jobs and contract work. A CareerBuilder survey reported that 40% of employers planned on hiring full-time workers in 2019, compared to 47% for part-time and contract workers.3

No two companies operate the same so why should you adjust your hiring to other "standards".

Our goal is a hiring partnership, let's build a custom solution together!

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