“Sorry, I Was On Mute”

“Sorry, I was on Mute”

Remote work is here to stay and even the most conservative of companies are realizing it.

Gone are the days of heading to an office Monday thru Friday, now you leave “home” and go to the “office” without leaving the building – and potentially all in the same room.


Are you ready?”  The answer had better be “yes – Help!”


In the past, you would compete in your town or city (Anytown USA) for available IT talent, you are now competing against every other organization in the United States that utilizes the same skills and/or technology platform.


Need a .NET developer in Boston, so do 100+ others (Google .NET jobs in Boston, MA – The result show 100+ jobs available – all remote.)  If you’re a firm in Boston you are competing for that talent – problem is, so are employers throughout the entire country now!


That’s how a staffing firm such as New England Staffing can help. 


We have the technology connections and broad network to fill your positions or you can always hope someone skips the other 99 postings and randomly picks yours.

Working remotely is wonderful – managing the remote staffing is tough – hiring remote staff is even tougher.


New England Staffing is here to help. Give us a call today.


About the Author:

Chris Connolly is the owner of New England Staffing and has over 25 years in the Information Technology field including over 10 years in the IT staffing industry.

 All thoughts and opinions are those of the author.  All company copyrights are of their individual organizations.

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