Staffing Solutions 101: The Value of Hiring Temps

Whether you’re a small business owner or have been in the industry for a long time, no organization wants to lose their best employees out of the blue. That’s because not only will your organization be losing an important cog in the machine, but it will also have to incur the cost of lost productivity as well as the cost of replacing that cog.

Staffing Solutions

Unfortunately, employee turnover rates all over the USA tell a different tale. The average turnover rate in the U.S. has hit a staggering trajectory with the current rate of turnover at 44.3 percent. In fact, labor statistics show that the resignation of employees has gone up to 15.1 percent and is said to increase even more due to a multitude of factors.

While organizations are scrambling to find ways to deal with the cost of losing and replacing employees, we’re here to highlight how temporary employees are the answer to all your prayers.

This blog will discuss how temps can be used to tackle the issue of employee turnover, the benefits companies and businesses can derive from them, and a few hiring strategies that organizations can use to hire them.

The issue of employee turnover

changing workforce demographics

There’s a multitude of reasons why employee retention rates across all job sectors are low, especially for IT professionals.

This can be attributed to changing workforce demographics. Research shows that the millennial and Gen-Z workforce switch between jobs—more often than the previous generation of workers—if the job doesn’t fit in with their career development plans. In fact, statistics show that 49 percent of millennials quit their jobs within the first two years.

In addition to that, the thriving economy of the United States is also a contributing factor. National vacancy surveys show that the number of job vacancies has generally increased across all sectors and the number of vacancies has increased to 7,884,000—prompting people to look for better job opportunities.

Other than that, side income also plays a major role in high employee turnover rates. With approximately 44 million American workers busy making money on the side with their own businesses or second jobs, companies are losing workers faster because employees have more than one source of income to sustain them.

low employee retention rates

These three, combined with a few more, cause low employee retention rates at companies. This puts a strain on the organization as they have to bear the brunt of it all. Statistics show that the cost of each turnover ranges from 50 to 25 percent of each job’s salary. This includes the cost of hiring new employees, the cost of overtime to make up for the lost productivity, as well as the cost of keeping morale high in the wake of unforeseen and sudden employee resignations.

Are temps the solution?—The benefits to the organization

To reduce the cost of employee turnover, a few preventive measures must be put in place. One such measure is using temporary employees.

Let’s take a look at the various benefits that organizations can derive from hiring temps.

They’re fast hires

Whether you have to deal with regular employee absences or low employee retention rates, hiring temps can help organizations get out of the cost of hiring new employees. This is because hiring temps is faster than hiring permanent employees. This is further substantiated by statistics that say that in the next six years, temp hiring will go up to 254,000.

They’re skilled

Since temporary employees have specific skillsets, an organization can expect them to get right on track with the other employees without having to spend money on their training—and if all goes well, they can be offered a permanent position at the organization as well. Statistics show that 35 percent of temps are offered a permanent job by the end of their contract.

Shorter vacancies

Whether you need a project manager’s position filled or need an IT employee with a specific skillset, some projects are just too crucial to be left unsupervised in the absence of employees. Hence, organizations want to fill up the positions as quickly as possible. Hiring temps can help organizations achieve that as staffing agencies have already vetted temps, so they can start working right away.

Lower costs for the organization

The temp-to-hire strategy allows an organization to evaluate potential employees first-hand, so they don’t have to deal with the headache that comes with a bad hire. The employers also don’t have to provide job benefits or overtime worker’s compensation to temps, which ultimately allows the organization to save more money in the long run.

They can help you avoid overwork other employees

One of the primary costs that an organization has to incur when it loses employees is having to pay other employees overtime wages to make up for lost productivity. Hiring a temp can help them reduce the likelihood of this risk.

overwork other employees

Hiring a temp will help the company avoid overworking other employees. Since overworking employees is one of the primary causes of employee resignation, hiring temps can keep workplace morale high and improve the overall employee turnover rate.

Strategies companies can use to hire temps

Now that we know how hiring temps can help companies reduce the risk of paying the cost of high employee turnover, here are a few steps organizations can take a few steps to ensure that the hiring process is successful.

An organization should write specific job descriptions and project briefs when looking for temps. This should include the skills and experience required for the job, as well as a specific timeline. By outlining these criteria, it will be easier for organizations to find a candidate that best fits their profile.

Organizations should also get in touch with reputable intermediaries and recruiting companies. This will help them streamline the hiring process as they can quickly hire a temp based on their company’s specific needs. Other than that, a staffing service will also pre-screen potential candidates, making it easier for employers to hire them immediately.


Hiring temps allows an organization to retain top talent with specialized skills and work experiences. This also helps organizations maintain a relatively stable rate of employee retention.

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