Frequently Asked Questions

Does the staffing agency specialize in one or more specific fields such as IT, Accounting, etc.? New England Staffing focuses on a single vertical market – IT Staffing. Is the staffing firm transparent about their fees and guarantees? New England Staffing is 100% transparent with our candidate pay rates, insurance costs and all billing information. …

Using Social Media to Find Your Next Hire

Social media is more popular today than ever before. Most people use social media on a daily basis, making it well worth your time to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other outlets to find your next hire.

Engaging With A Staffing Agency

What do you currently do when you need short term help during a busy seasonal period? How do you manage those critical IT projects without enough staff to manage existing infrastructure and complete the required project simultaneously?
Ever wondered what is the best way to engage or utilize a staffing agency? Read on!

Staffing Agencies Can Save You Money!

One of the most common misnomers of working with staffing agencies is that they are too expensive. While there are certain times when it makes sense to hire someone directly, there are many more times and reasons to utilize a firm. This article will give just a few examples.