Is Your Boss Invested In You?

As an employee, it is crucial to have a boss that’s invested in you. When you initially land a job, take time to closely watch your boss and get to know how they operate throughout the business day. This includes their moods, their preferred communication and their leadership style.

Is Your Work-Life Balance Tilted Toward Work?

One of the most important aspects of a healthy work environment is employees who have a good work-life balance. By maintaining good work-life balances, employees can reduce stress levels and prevent burnout at their companies.

Cost of a Bad Hire

Now, think of what the cost and general hassle is that you must now face if you have to terminate that bad hire. In the long run, it’s more difficult for you and the entire organization.

How Will Low Unemployment Affect Your Business?

Recent data has shown that unemployment is at a record low. While a low unemployment rate is great because it signifies a strong economy, it may also have some drawbacks for your business. Keep reading to find out what they may be.