Temporary Vs. Permanent IT Jobs – Which is Better?

Temporary Vs. Permanent IT Jobs - Which is Better?

Overtime staffing requirements change with changes in the labor market, economic conditions and more. In terms of economic uncertainty, employers tend to hire more temporary workers to maintain a flexible company structure.

However, that is not the only reason for the rise in the availability of temporary jobs, especially in the IT industry. Many job seekers prefer temporary IT jobs as it allows them the flexibility they desire. Here we compare Temporary IT jobs vs. Permanent IT jobs to highlight the pros and cons of each.

Permanent IT Jobs

The major benefit offered by permanent work is financial security for the employee. Many job seekers place immense importance on job security, and permanent jobs offer that. As a permanent employee, you also get the opportunity to build your career, get promoted, build connections and enjoy better benefits. You will also feel more integrated within an organization if you hold a permanent position. It instills a sense of ownership in the employee that many job seekers crave.

However, there are certain downsides to permanent IT jobs as well. The first being a disproportionate work-life balance. You may find yourself overworked and stressed as you may find yourself working long hours to meet strict deadlines. While meeting deadlines is part of every IT job, it may become tiresome if it becomes routine.

Temporary IT Jobs

If flexibility is what you are after, then temporary jobs are ideal for you. Other benefits provided by temporary employment in the IT industry include working on a diverse range of challenging projects that help you diversify your skillset and build an impressive portfolio.

You can earn a substantial amount of money in a short period and then chose to take a significant amount of time off before you take up the next project. It also allows you to test out different fields and work on different projects to find one that you want to commit to.

However, certain cons are part and parcel of temporary employment, and the lack of job security is one of them. You do not get a fixed salary, and often you do not get access to other benefits such as extensive medical insurance or paid time off, sick leave or even holiday pay.

Another thing to consider when opting for temporary employment is that you may not always receive offers, so you will have to be financially smart and save up as much as possible for times when employment opportunities are hard to come by.

Work With an IT Staffing Agency

New England Staffing is a recruiting agency that works with a wide range of companies, small, large, old and new. Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary employment in the IT industry or are unsure about which to opt for, a staffing agency like New England Staffing can help connect you to the right employment opportunities and employers who will value you.

We have years of experience in the IT industry and can guarantee that we can find multiple jobs suiting your requirements, experience and level of expertise. Reach out to us today for a consultation!

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