What makes a candidate accept an offer?

What Drives IT Candidates To Say Yes To A Job Offer?

While speaking at a CIO conference recently, the question was asked what is it that drives candidates to say YES to a new job offer?  After giving it some thought, I came up with this short list in no specific order.


The first question asked these days typically is "is there any type of work from home opportunity?"  These days whether we like it or not, the world is being driven to a virtual workspace and those companies that offer that flexibility seem to win the war for IT talent!


Money makes the world go around (or so we're told) and, while that is partially true, candidates these days aren't always driven by money.  Candidate are aware that it's a tight market and are expecting strong compensation packages.

A future

This is a simple statement.  Candidates want to know where the role will be in one year, two years, and so on.  Clients that have a clear describable job path for candidates are winning the IT talent war hands down.  Hiring managers must be able to describe what the future holds for the candidate.


Medical, dental, and vision are the standard benefits but more and more often candidates are asking about other benefits such as retirement and "company perks" such as club membership discounts, etc.

New Technology

Like it or not technology drives the world and IT candidates drive the IT bus!  This closely resembles #3 but candidates are well aware that if they are involved in newer technology -whether that be within the software development arena or even infrastructure - that's what makes them more valuable.


You may have found the absolute best IT talent available, whether directly or through an agency such as New England Staffing. The fastest way to lose a candidate is lack of communication. Once you've found a potential candidate or a potential candidate you must keep them involved and engaged during the entire hiring and onboarding process. From a candidate's perspective, they may have found the perfect position but a lack of communication gives candidates second thoughts on exactly how the company they were interested in runs. With doubt comes additional interviews, and possible loss of a valuable team member.

Chris Connolly is the owner and general manager of New England Staffing and has over 25 years within the Information Technology field as well as 10 years in IT staffing profession.

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