General Recruiters Struggle With Information Technology

General Recruiters Struggle With Information Technology Roles

Recruiting technical staff is one of the biggest challenges HR and recruitment teams face. There are more than enough reasons why this is so. As a general recruiter, you are likely looking for a wide range of employees for a large variety of positions.


This can be a problem when it comes to recruiting tech talent.  Depending on the size of your agency, there may be multiple problems you face when it comes to finding ideal candidates.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more common problems recruitment centers face.

Lack of Experience

This is all too common for employment and recruitment agencies or staff. More often than not, they are well-equipped to handle the paperwork, but a general recruiter has no hands-on experience. A general recruiter may find themselves interviewing chefs, then admin staff, then an accountant.

Using the same format for each interview is not going to find you the right people in any area. When it comes to hiring technical staff, they often have no idea what they are looking for at all.

Understanding What the Market Needs

When the recruiter has no experience in the technical field, they can’t possibly understand what employers will need. This is a problem. Sending in someone who isn’t trained in a certain area or with out-of-date skills means no one will win.

The tech world is constantly changing and recruiters need to know this. A full understanding of what the market demands along with a recruiter who can supply to that demand are the only way around that.

Lack of Talent

There is often a lack of qualified talent for a certain few fields in technology. Some new grads may have taken some type of computer science program but upon graduation only want to make apps or video games.

Many people are choosing not to take IT courses, fearful they will not meet the requirements for graduation. This means there is a short supply of qualified people for a growing number of positions available.


If you are a general recruiter, you may have a large organization supplying all kinds of staff. This can be a problem for recruiters trying to attract top talent. If they are leery of your reputation as a ‘kitchen sink’ type of service, then they will likely feel their talents are wasted in your public pool of staff.


Ideally, you want to do one thing and do it extremely well. When the recruiters are also technical professionals themselves, then they will have a much better understanding of what is needed. They will know what to ask the candidates because they know what the market needs.


The Changing Face of the Workplace

The changes in the workplace are ever-moving, as well. The way people work, where they work plus, how they find work and how they are hired. An online job board might post something that looks like a dream job but then is inundated with 100s or 1000s of resumes.

When you are lumped into a large pool of talent, you are not likely to feel any loyalty to that company. Work ethics have changed and the younger generation doesn't feel the need to stay with any one company.

Ask the Experts

When you need professional and specific IT workers, go to the place where the experts are. When people hire their peers, you know you are in good hands. Wouldn’t you feel more secure when you know the people who recruited the staff for you were themselves experts in that field?

Ask for the experts when you need professional and knowledgeable staffing for all your IT work. Contact us today for more information or any questions you may have.

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