Why You Should Take an Interview Even If You’re Not Looking for a Job

Picture this: You’ve had the same job for several years and are very happy with where you’re at professionally. You enjoy coming to work each day and appreciate your company culture. One day, you get a message from a LinkedIn recruiter about an interview for a job opportunity. Should you take the interview?

After all, you’re perfectly content with your current job. Here’s what we think: Yes, you have nothing to lose by taking an interview even if you’re not looking for a job! Here’s why:

You can practice your interviewing skills.

The more you interview, the more comfortable you’ll feel at interviews and better you’ll become at it. By saying yes, you can hone your interview skills and figure out how well you can answer questions and share your professional experience. Even if you realize the position isn’t a good fit, the live interview can help you be better prepared when you interview for one that is.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

Anything could happen. Although you are happy at your current job, you may be surprised and find that this opportunity is closer to home, offers greater flexibility, and/or pays more. Often, a job description doesn’t completely explain the position and the benefits. It may take an in-person interview to truly find out what a position and company have to offer.

You may open doors to another position.

It’s common for recruiters to be looking for candidates to fill multiple positions at one time. If you take an interview and find that the position isn’t right for you, the recruiter may inform you of another position that better aligns with your experience, skills, and career aspirations.

You can fall into another industry you never thought about.

Sometimes, recruiters contact candidates that are employed in a different industry because they believe their skills are transferrable. For example, you may work as a web developer and get recruited for a position in software development. You may have never considered this niche field and find that it’s a great fit for you.

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