Landing A Job Through A Staffing Agency

Successful Engagement With A Staffing Agency

Most candidates seeking employment hope to get interviewed by a staffing agency that functions as a mediator between the employees and the company. The staffing agency can smoothen the job hunt process for you as it allows you access to the more obscure and non-advertised job openings within the organization. Let’s delve into the guidelines that you as an applicant must follow when going through the hiring process with an agency.

You should expect that the staffing agency will conduct an interview with you to gain an insight into your skillset, evaluate your confidence when speaking and gauge your personality overall. All you have to ensure from your end is that you treat this interview exactly how you would with an organization. Your responsibility includes being punctual or, better yet, arriving early to make an excellent first impression.

Dressing professionally and behaving in accordance with the professional setting will increase your chances of acquiring the job! Give a powerful introduction and be prepared for regular questions that follow in interviews. Make sure you come prepared and respond in a cogent manner, so you don’t fumble or hesitate when being cross-questioned.

Come Prepared

Bring your resume and other relevant documents to simplify the interviewing process. Be a patient and attentive listener, have strong body language and strong verbal command over your speech. However, in your attempt to outshine other candidates, don’t forget to draw the line when you need to be quiet. It is extremely important to show respect and not talk over the interviewer, irrespective of how confident you want to come off.

Be Honest

As straightforward as it may sound, it’s hard for some candidates to be sincere and entirely honest. More often than not, they want to present the best image of themselves and come off as the best applicant that is fit for the job. When you try to curate a strong personality that over-represents the strength of your real skillset, you are just creating problems for yourself in the long haul.

All you have to do is be transparent, honestly express where you see yourself few years down the line, and speak about your career goals. You must state whether you are seeking a permanent job, whether you want to gain experience in the field, or simply wish to develop a specific type of skillset.

For instance, if you are only willing to work on weekdays, it needs to be communicated during the interview. Your recruiters at the staffing agency can guide you in the right direction and tell you how you can potentially accomplish your goals.

Keep an Open Mind

You shouldn’t set very high expectations irrespective of how good you think your interview was.

Often, the recruits think you will be a better fit for a job in another department or that you need to polish your skills slightly more to be hired. Consider opting for temporary employment, freelance work, or contract-based work in case you were to face rejection.

On the flip side of the coin, if the recruiter is highly impressed with your resume and persona, chances are you will land a full-time position at the company (after perhaps the probation period).

Reach Out

A lot of applicants miss this part, but acknowledgment is an essential step in the process. After the interview, send a formal email thanking the staffing agency for taking out the time to interview you. This will leave an impression that you are genuinely interested and have common courtesy and good values.

Remain Patient but Do Follow Up

After your interview, wait for a while and be patient till you hear back from the agency. After a week, though, do follow up. When you make it a point to remain in constant touch with the staffing firm, it gives them the idea you’re entirely invested. So even if you’re not fit for the job you applied for, they can perhaps recommend another job type that suits your skills and qualifications.

So, this one was for you: the fresh employee applying to jobs with great aspirations in your heart and strong ambitions in your mind. We hope this blog has given you just the right tips and a sense of direction that can help you secure a decent job with a staffing agency.

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